Calling all Professional Web Designers, Take Control of Your Designs with Webydo

Web design is a highly competitive industry with every business and institution wanting to showcase their work online. Designers and developers are both thus in high demand. However, for a project like this 70{77ab2206a55b584667ea7f1ddfe7d0e89d2e79601d6de23bad4703dffec53bdc} of the budget will be allocated towards the developer, but the work that people see will be the design. The other option is to use a DIY website creator and bypass the coding, which would help cut down on costs substantially and help designers experiment with new ideas. Again though, these DIY creators are producing less than perfect final products. There is a third solution, one that caters to professional web designers, is affordable and saves time.

We are happy to introduce you to Webydo, the only professional web design platform catering to the specific needs and challenges of web designers.  It comes with an inspiring design management system and a robust content management system that allows you to translate the ideas in your mind into brilliant websites. The platform automatically converts your design into W3C compliant HTML code. It is also now easier than ever to create a responsive website with complete cross platform capabilities.

Why write code when you can design?

This is the biggest highlight for Webydo and allows a designer to meet client needs without having to write a single line of code. Here you will get an open canvas with familiar graphic design tools such as grid generators, layers window, smart guides that you might have already seen in Photoshop. The drag and drop feature allows you to easily insert images, videos, galleries, menus, forms, widgets, ecommerce carts and many more into the website. The WYSIWYG editor allows you to achieve pixel perfect accuracy with the website. The patent technology will automatically convert the design into HTML and CSS. Thus you will have total independence over the project as a designer and also save the costs and efforts of programming a code.

Content Management System (CMS)

Content Management Systems are of great importance as the website needs to be constantly updated with new content. Webydo offers you an easy CMS solution that facilitates content updates, adding new texts, adding new products, new sales, new blog entries and much more. The CMS offers the site owner to set site permissions for contributors. Meaning, that when a client enters the CMS to edit or update let’s say the articles and collections feature, they will not disturb the design as it has been locked and cannot be tampered with. Apart from this Webydo also offers you SEO management features that help in optimizing the site for higher search engine rankings.

Publish Independently

If you have ever tried publishing a website you know it involves a lot of hassle. You need to find a good hosting service provider and choose a plan that suits the needs of your clients. Next you will need to set up the site and manage FTP and cPanel. Webydo relieves you of all these as it makes publishing the site as easy as designing it.  It offers you powerful cloud based hosting solution that ensures high performance delivery, stability, reliability and security for the website. Your client’s website will be duplicated across worldwide network of servers and thus ensure easier and faster page load. It also provides automatic backups which ensure the site is protected against any kind of malicious attacks.

Competitive Pricing

The service of this website creator has been priced competitively. There are two plans – Free and Premium. Under ‘Free’ plan you will be able to use Webydo’s sub-domain and create up to 15 pages. Here you will enjoy unlimited bandwidth and 1GB of storage.  In the ‘Premium’ plan you can own your own domain and have access to 2GB of storage space, unlimited download and can create unlimited number of pages. The Premium plan is priced $9.90/month if billed every six months or $7.90/month if billed annually

As we have mentioned, Webydo is revolutionizing the web design market. It empowers the designers to excel with their creativity and take web designing to a completely new level. The 25K plus designers worldwide are already enjoying the benefits of Webydo and are helping vote and decide which features will be added next on the Participate page. Join the creative movement and starting designing freely, why not, it’s free.