Tips for Moving Your Website to a New Host

You will find that moving your website from one web hosting service to another can either be very simple or very complex depending on the type of website that you happen to have. Although it might be a difficult task to move your website it may be something that you need to do for a variety of different reasons. For example, you might have had features essential to your website taken away. Here are a few tips to keep in mind when you are looking to move your website from one hosting service to another.

Do Not Close Your Old Account Yet

You need to make sure that those that are frequent visitors to your site will still be able to access it during the moving process. You also want to be able to access incoming emails while you are in the process of moving your website to a new web host. So definitely wait on closing your old account.

Back Up Everything

You need to make sure that when you are ready to move a website that you are backing up all of your files and directories correctly. Use the correct mode of transfer to make sure that you get everything safely to your hard drive.
This is an incredibly important step as you need to make sure that everything is safe and sound and waiting to be transferred to your new chosen web host. Do Not Throw Away Important Information

Open Up Your New Account

Now that you have done all of this then you are ready to open a new account with your new web hosting provider. After you have made your initial payment you will want to keep all of the information that you get in your initial welcome email as you will need to use it to help set up your account.

Login to Your New Account

Now you will want to login with the email and password that you have been given. Check out the control panel and start creating the emails that you will need. Make sure that you keep these emails on hand to refer to later in case you need to do so. Printing the emails out wpould be an excellent idea.

Begin Uploading

It is at this point where you want to begin uploading your website’s files to the new server. Make sure that you are using the correct procedure to transfer your files and make sure that you are setting up your files with the new host name.

Test Your Website

After you have uploaded all of the needed files you are going to want to test the temporary URL to make sure that the pages load correctly and that all of the links on your website are working correctly.

Transfer Your Domain

Now that you have everything working correctly you will want to transfer your domain. This process might take a while so you definitely need to exercise a bit of patience here. If you are able to follow directions properly the longest that you will have to wait is a couple days.

Close Your Old Hosting Account

Now that you have all of this done you will be all set to close your old hosting account.

Some Other Important Tips

You need to make sure that the new web hosting service will support your script as if they do not it will be a waste of time switching to that particular web hosting service. So be sure to ask this before you decide on a new web hosting service as it will save you time and also clue you in to how good of customer service that a web hosting service happens to have.

You will want to keep in mind that if you run into any trouble during the transfer process do not panic. You need to make use of customer service and technical support if you do not understand something that is going on so that you can get it fixed as rapidly as possible.

If you take the time to move your website from one web hosting service to another properly you will be able to complete everything without anyone really knowing what was going on. This is the key to a good transfer as you will not lose any visitors or any information during the moving process.

Research is another important key to moving a website from one hosting provider to another as you need to make sure that you are switching to a provider that is going to meet your needs better than the provider that you are currently with. Start your search as soon as you are ready to make the switch so that you will have a good alternative lined up to transfer your website to with the least amount of trouble.