Tips for Monetizing Your Cheap Website Hosting and Domain Name

When most people have websites, cheap website hosting and domain names, they are using them for their business. But what a lot of people don’t know when it comes to websites, cheap website hosting and domain names is that there are ways that someone can make money with a website without having a business.

Here are some ways that people can make money with websites, cheap website hosting and domain names.


One of the best ways to make money with websites, cheap website hosting and domain names are through PPC. One of the best options is Google AdSense. When you use PPC, you sign up with a network and paste the code snippets onto the website. The network is then going to serve some contextual ads (either images or text) related to the website, and you’re going to earn some money for the clicks.

PPC’s profitability is going to depend on the traffic levels in the website, on the rates of the click through, as well as the cost for each click. The rate is going to depend on the website’s design. The ads that are blended with the content are going to have more rates of click through. The cost is going to depend on the website’s niche. Financial products, college education, and mortgages are some examples of the profitable niches. The topics that are related to technology are going to get a cost that is lower, sometimes just a few cents for each click.

The traffic source also is able to affect the rate of click through. The organic traffic, which comes from the search engines, will usually perform well because the visitors were searching for something and they are clicking on the advertisements a lot more often. The traffic from social media aren’t going to have great click throughs since they know about technology and they are just ignoring the advisements.

Advertising Networks with CPM

These advertisement networks work a lot like the PPC, except you’re getting paid based on the page views that the advertisements that are on the site are going to generate. You get paid based on 1,000 impressions. When you have a blog that’s generating 100,000 views each month which displays a banner that has a $2 CPM is going to earn $200 each month.

These rates are going to vary with the ad position, the format, and the network. If the network is better there will be a higher rate of CPM. When the ad is put nearer to your page’s top, it will give a higher CPM. When the format is bigger, you are going to get a higher CPM.

Direct Banner

One of the best ways that you can make some money is through selling your personal advertising space. The biggest reason that you should try doing this is because you are able to make your own prices that you want to be paid for your space. The disadvantage is that you are going to need a large audience to attract some qualified advertisers. You are also going to have to manage the sales, the banners, and payments.

Affiliate Marketing

This is a really popular practice online. Using this system, you’ll have a merchant that’s willing to allow the other people sell its services and products indirectly or directly to make a commission. Sometimes it’s additionally known as CPA, or CPL.

Affiliates are able to send out possible customers to a merchant using a few tools, from text links to banners to product reviews. To find the right affiliate programs its possible to turn to publishers and companies, or go to affiliate networks and marketplaces.

Monetization Widgets

These are the newest trend online are the widgets that are allowing you to monetize the website. Some of the examples are SmartLinks and Widgetbucks. A few of the services are operating using a PPC scheme. Some of the others are behaving link the text link advertisements, while still others leverage the affiliate links. The biggest difference is that they are working as the web widgets. This makes it a lot easier for the person to use them and gives them a better chance to make some money. They are quite new but they are also something that a lot of people have chosen.

When someone is looking for ways that they can make money with their website, they are going to find that using one or more of these things above are going to make a really big difference. Someone is able to make a lot of money when they are using these tips above and as long as they are willing to work they will discover that the money will come rolling in. Think about them and see which of them are going to work best for you and your website.