Top 5 Degrees For Global Business

Global business is any transaction carried out in a different country to benefit a company. Companies have learned that to stay afloat in this market, they need to expand their products or services out of their home country. Additionally, they’re learning that a new type of employee who understands how to conduct business globally is necessary for this type of undertaking. Today, students with the following degrees that are best for global business have many opportunities available to them.

International Business

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A degree in international business can prepare graduates to deal with a global business market. With this degree, graduates have many careers from which to choose from. One area they can focus on is international sales. In this field, representatives deal with international clients to sell services or products. They’re responsible for negotiating and closing sales agreements, and usually travel abroad often to meet with these clients.

Most bachelor’s degrees in international business require 120 credit hours of coursework. Therefore, it typically takes students four years to finish the program. Students can expect to take classes in cross-cultural management, international finance, and international business law.


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Entrepreneurship is a new degree program that has started to emerge in the last decade. This program seeks to educate students on the skills necessary to plan, subsidize, and embark on a new business. Students will take part in courses that involve venture capital, product development, and business plan development.

Most who hold a degree in entrepreneurship will start their own business. However, others have stepped into the role of chief executive officer of an existing business. The Bureau of Labor Statistics (BLS) states that in 2012, the median annual salary for this high-paying career was $168,140.


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Every successful business needs to make sure it’s earning more than it’s spending. This is where accountants come in. Accountants prepare financial statements and review financial records to make sure they’re correct. Most businesses need their accountants to have at least a bachelor’s degree, which typically calls for 120 credit hours. Students should prepare for classes in business communication, accounting basics, and principles of accounting.

Once they finish their program, graduates can look for work as budget analysts, financial consultants, or tax advisers. The BLS reports that the demand for accounting jobs is growing 13 percent over the next 10 years, and accountants can expect to earn about $63,550 a year.

Business Administration

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One reason business administration is such a popular degree choice for undergraduates is because they receive a well-rounded education with skills to step into a variety of jobs. These students should prepare for courses in business management, ethics, and accounting. A degree in business administration can prepare students for fast-growing careers such as operations management, consulting, or human resource specialist.

Consulting, in particular, has a growing demand. The BLS reports that this career is growing faster than average at 19 percent over the next 10 years. Additionally, it says this career will pay an annual salary of about $78,600.


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Businesses are always looking for competent marketing managers to help promote their product or service. They could have the best product in the world, but without someone to create a plan to let everyone know about it, it does them little good. Marketers work with sales staff and financial planners to create plans to help generate interest in a service or product in their own country and abroad.

The typical four-year marketing degree will include courses in economics, finance, and the principles of marketing. Almost every type of business needs marketers, but lately, the field for social media marketers is growing. In this field, marketers are responsible for managing the company’s online presence and sales.

As the world continues to integrate, businesses will need to expand their market to keep up. College graduates who focus on a degree that’s best for global business will find plenty of exciting career options that pay well and have other compelling benefits.

Business Analyst

A business analyst is a crucial part to every successful company. This is a person who organizes and designs systems and processes throughout a company. Another key role for a business analyst is to assess the business model and the way technology can be integrated with it.

Since technology is becoming crucial in this day-in-age for companies to run, this is a very important part of the job for creating global business. Having a degree in criminology is great for this field of business. Since crime varies from city, county, state, and even country it is important to know how technology and businesses can be affected by crime all over the world. Business intelligence is actually one of the highest fields in the criminology sector. A career as a business analyst is an exciting job to have. Technology changes on a regular basis, so this is a job that can never get dull.