20 Beautiful Blog Designs

Blog designs are factors that can determine the success of every blog. There are a lot of beautiful blogs that can serve as models and inspiration for those who are planning to start a blog. To give you some ideas, here are 20 blogs with beautiful designs:

  1. The Swish Life Magazine

For those who want a professional-looking blog with less clutter, this blog is a good example. The main content is at the center. The background is clean, and the margins are symmetrical.

  1. TrippingWords

This blog, on the other hand, has a design similar to a typical product brochure. The blog owner is creative enough to choose some background that is not eye irritating. This is a great model for bloggers who don’t want to use a plain white color as text background.

  1. They Call Me Marty

If you take a look at this blog, it seems cluttered, yet minimalist in its approach. Everything is arranged properly as it’s perfect for news blogs and review sites. Nevertheless, bloggers can use this as a model without exactly imitating it because this design is versatile.

  1. Jordesign

There are many examples of corporate blogs you can follow, but this blog seems to be a perfect example. It’s a combination of artistic and modern designs. The good thing about this blog is that it loads quickly despite its heavy colors.

  1. Mark Forrester

This blog is simply beautiful. The design is typical of social media sites in which all you need is to scroll down. You don’t have to jump from one page to another. The style is modern and minimalist.

  1. M1K3

If your plan is to create a great landing page, this blog can be your best model. It has less text content, yet it tells a lot. The site is straightforward as everything can be found in just one page. When you click on each thumbnail, you will be redirected to a page that is also straightforward and minimalist.

  1. Mulletized

When you first visit this blog, you may think the blogger is a photographer. However, the blogger is a web designer, and there is no wonder why this is crafted well. This is an example of photo blogging as it has less text with almost no white space or margins, and everything is made up of stunning photos.

  1. Fran Fernández

This blog is ideal for personal blogs and journals as it’s cool and fun. It looks as though the blogger is a painter, but Fran Fernandez is a musician. The rest of the home page is also like music, which tells a lot more than what you can see.

  1. Demain J’arrête

Before the advent of the Internet, comics were very popular. However, there are still many groups of people who still love this despite the power of the Internet. Because of this, revivalists have made their way to resurrect this concept through blogging. This blog is a very good example of a comic style blog.

  1. A Working Library

This blog is a library blog, but this can also be a model for bloggers who sell a series of e-books on their sites. Moreover, it can be a model for online shops that resemble Amazon Kindle.

  1. Mark Boulton

When looking for a more advanced blog design, you can find this blog to be a good example of a content-oriented site. Philosophy and personal development blogs can use this type of design to be more appropriate.

  1. Stripturnhout.be

There are many ways to create a blog that is cool and amazing, yet simple and beautiful. This blog is one of these examples. The background resembles a notebook that is clean and organized.

  1. Biggest Apple

Some bloggers prefer simple designs by focusing more on text content. This one uses fewer photos and much even less text content, but the overall look is astonishing.

  1. Design Intellection

A beautiful blog design doesn’t have to be full of colors and patterns. This blog made possible to play with text arrangement as the primary design factor. It’s ideal for newspaper blogs.

  1. UX Booth

If you are running a general blog that has a lot of categories, you can benefit from using this blog as a model. It’s not cluttered, but all the important components are in place.

  1. Tumble

Some blogs that have a dark background can be eye irritating, but this blog is able to make it more appealing and even convenient for viewers who don’t prefer darker backgrounds. The design is ideal for tech blogs.

  1. Trent Walton

Magazine-type of blogs remain popular because they are catchy and informative. This blog is a typical example of this.

  1. iA

Many blogs are created for personal branding. One effective way to express this is through a blog design that emphasizes this. The header can be used to highlight who you are and what your blog is all about. This blog can be a perfect model for this style.

  1. WorkAwesome

A blog design doesn’t have to look messy and cluttered in order to look cool and fun. This blog has been able to use a minimalist approach to create a fun atmosphere.

  1. Zen Habits

Zen Habits by Leo Babauta is the ultimate example of minimalist and Zen type blog. It is purely text with no images, no comment section, no sidebars, and no margins. Those who love Zen designs will surely appreciate blog designs like this.


Blog designs can be beautiful for one viewer and poor for another. It depends on your target viewers. This is why it’s recommended you have a lot of concepts to figure out which style you like. The above list will help you discover which type of design can be an inspiration for you to start a blog of your own.