20+ Awesome Brochure Design Examples

Brochures and business cards are used by companies or individuals to provide brief information during formal introductions. A brochure is a small booklet or pamphlet, mostly containing promotional material or product information. The main purpose of a brochure is to set up a visual amalgamation for prospective clients through the use of images, text and symbols, so that it can catch the eyes and the minds of the viewers. Professional looking brochure is an essential marketing tool to any business and choosing the right brochure printing service provider is crucial to the success of your brochure marketing campaign. Here I’m presenting a showcase of 22 excellent brochure design ideas to spark your creativity. I hope these brochure printing designs will serve as benchmarks for you next project.

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1. Square Brochure

Square Brochure

2. Flirt at Slide Bar Brochures

Flirt at Slide Bar Brochures

3. Logan Construction Brochure

Logan Construction Brochure

4. Corporate Brochure Spread Example

Corporate Brochure Spread Example

5. Groupe LMP

Groupe LMP

6. Catalogue Brochure

Catalogue Brochure

7. Portfolio – Catalogue

Portfolio – Catalogue

8. Brochure A5

Brochure A5

9. Brochure – Catalogue Volio & Trejos

Brochure – Catalogue Volio & Trejos

10. Catalogue – Booklet

Catalogue – Booklet

11. Realistic Brochures Mock-ups

Realistic Brochures Mock-ups

12. Modern Languages Brochures

Modern Languages Brochures

13. Creative Photography Portfolio Brochure

Creative Photography Portfolio Brochure

14. Minimal Portfolio Brochure

Minimal Portfolio Brochure

15. Simonswerk GmbH

Simonswerk GmbH

16. 2012 Mini Catalog

2012 Mini Catalog

17. Brochure Design Ideas

Brochure Design Ideas

18. Building Resilience

Building Resilience

19. Typographic Brochures

Typographic Brochures

20. Clean Modern Brochure Example

Clean Modern Brochure Example

21. Spread Example

Spread Example

22. Brochure Cloisters

Brochure Cloisters

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