20 Delightful Landing Page Templates

A landing page templates or landing page is a single web page used that appears after clicking on an advertisement or an article at a certain site for conversion. It is an essential element for several online business marketers and there are various landing page examples provided online. As a result, having a landing page is a must to use advertisements or article marketing effectively. Nowadays, business of all sorts turn to Landing Page in promoting their products and in ensuring that it sells to its target consumers.

This article will show a series of cool premium landing page templates that can help you build your own effective landing page on a relatively painless way. The secret to landing pages is an effective call to action, good copy writing and a common thread that ties the message well together with the link that has guided the visitors to the landing page. If you are not a web designer yourself, the following templates will certainly be beneficial for you. Enjoy!

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1. Chibi – A Small Blue Landing Page

Chibi is a clean and minimalistic HTML landing page, best suited for applications and promotion sites.

Chibi - A Small Blue Landing Page

2. ONELAND Landing Page

Use this landing page to allow your customers to sign up. You can add as many fields as you want and use the form for reservations.

ONELAND Landing Page

3. Conversion – Premium Landing Page

Conversion is a premium HTML landing page. Its great structure and clean, professional design.

Conversion – Premium Landing Page

4. Lista Landing Page

Lista Landing Page is a premium landing page design for your newsletter or download, even just a service, your choice!

Lista Landing Page

5. Lift Off – Lead Capture Page

Lift Off uses the latest in modern design techniques to emphasize the quality of your product/service.

Lift Off – Lead Capture Page

6. PixoreLander – Premium Landing Page

PixoreLander is a premium landing page designed to fit the needs of anyone who wants to display or sell there products.

PixoreLander – Premium Landing Page

7. App Attack – Professional Landing Page

App attack is a fancy pants landing page that’s practical and usable at the same time.

App Attack - Professional Landing Page

8. BookPage – Sell Your Books with Style

BookPage is the landing page template for all those internet marketeers who are releasing their own (E) Book.

BookPage - Sell Your Books with Style

9. Rebirth Landing Page

Rebirth is a clean & simple landing page made for product showcase based on slider with Buy Now and Learn More buttons exposed.

Rebirth Landing Page

10. Detroit Lean – Landing Page

This Landing Page theme has a pleasant design with good visual hierarchy, balance tabbed Featured area and subscribe form area.

Detroit Lean - Landing Page

11. Slickster AIDA Landing Page

AIDA is an acronym for the age old practice of getting high converting landing pages.

Slickster AIDA Landing Page

12. Klix Landing Page

Klix template is designed for instant promotion and marketing of your product.

Klix Landing Page

13. The Johnny Landing Page

Designed to give life to your product or company, the Johnny Landing Page comes in a variety of colors and is bursting with features.

The Johnny Landing Page

14. Landing Page for Christmas Offer or Portfolio

Landing page is ideal for special offers during Christmas time or to promote your portfolio or Agency.

Landing Page for Christmas Offer or Portfolio

15. Aquitaine – Business Landing Page

Aquitaine is a modern landing page with a strong business feel best suited to promote your product or service.

Aquitaine - Business Landing Page

16. Qloud Landing Page

The Qloud – this premium landing page has been produced with the marketer in mind!

Qloud Landing Page

17. Landed Landing Page Template

Landed is an attractive landing page with vibrant colors and can be used in various ways to promote your product or simply show off your photography.

Landed Landing Page Template

18. SuperLander – Landing Page with a Difference

SuperLander is a Corporate HTML /CSS landing page. It has a clean, professional design with Unlimited Color Options.

SuperLander - Landing Page with a Difference

19. Call To Action – Professional Landing Page

Call to action gets right to business. Compare value, list features and benefits or offer client/customer testimonials to make your pitch.

Call To Action - Professional Landing Page

20. Promo – Landing Page

Whether your desire is to drive Envato marketplace sales, increase your affiliate income or promote and sell your own digital goods, promo makes things easy for you.

Promo - Landing Page

Do you use Landing Page Templates? What is your favorite theme? Tell me in the comment section.