15 Fantastic Free Tumblr Themes for 2015

Tumblr is a really useful microblogging platform for people easy to share text, photos, URLs, music, and video clips. And just like Twitter you can post a tumblelog from your browser, phone. If you are a creative, a coder, a designer, an illustrator, a writer or starting up on your journey to become a creative, Tumblr is surely one of the best ways to showcase your work to the world. These minimalistic themes are perfect for writers and bloggers who love the simplicity of Tumblr.

A Tumblr blog is the easiest thing to create, you don’t have to code a line, design a theme, play around with HTML or CSS and spend hours worrying how your design is going to look like. Tons of free themes and a growing premium theme marketplace make it easy to find a theme you like, and most are easily customizable even if you don’t know tons of code. This post will highlight some amazing free Tumblr themes that we want you to enhance your Tumblr experience.

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2. Theme °22

Theme °22

3. Six Caps

Six Caps

4. Frsch


5. Neptune


6. Catching Elephant

Catching Elephant

7. Gallery


8. ONE


9. Circle


10. Tessellate


11. Pyramids


12. Club Monaco Theme

Club Monaco Theme

13. Triangle


14. Urban 4

Urban 4

15. Observer