10 Superlative Free WordPress Ranking Widgets

If you plan on getting visitors to your website via search engines, then keeping track of where your content is ranking can help you determine if your promotional efforts are paying off or not. Here, in our today’s post we have compiled a list of some of the amazing free ranking widgets for wordpress. These options range from free basic online services, to a rank checking WordPress plugin, right through to a premium suite of online tools for monitoring the health of your website and those of your clients and competitors.

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1. Add Meta Tags

Add-Meta-Tags (AMT) adds metadata to your web site. This metadata contains information about the content, the author, the media files, which have been attached to your content, and even about some of the embedded media. Metadata refers to information that describes the content in a machine-friendly way. Search engines and other online services use this metadata to better understand your content.

Add Meta Tags

2. Ranker List Widget

Use Ranker’s free widget to create a fully-customizable “ranking poll” – a list about any topic that your visitors impact by voting items up and down, re ranking the list, or adding items. The plugin comes with a built in shortcode generator, you only need the URL of the list on Ranker, we’ll do the rest. Setup defaults for your site including colors, fonts, size and layout.

Ranker List Widget

3. SiteCondor SEO

The SiteCondor SEO plugin delivers weekly crawl reports that show you how search engines see your WordPress site, and prioritized recommendations highlighting errors and optimization opportunities. It’s the perfect complement to WordPress SEO by Yoast or All-in-one SEO Pack.

SiteCondor SEO

4. SC Google Ranking

This plugin lets you know the ranking of your website in Google search result provided with keywords. You can define which country’s Google domain you would like to search as Google search result is different by country. Geography/Local Results: Google will show different results depending on the current location of an individual and where they live.

SC Google Ranking

5. Alexa Rank Widget

The Alexa Rank Widget easily allows to add widget in wordpress sidebar. This widget will give to control the website name how you want to show the alexa widget in your sidebar.

Alexa Rank Widget

6. Sports Rankings and Lists

The plugin allows multiple authors to rank and list ANYTHING and display the table of rankings in posts or pages. Authors can create comments when they create rankings which are displayed below the rankings in the wordpress post or page. Users can sort rankings in the post for each author, default order is based on composite.

Sports Rankings and Lists

7. WP Author Ranking

WP Author Ranking the wordpress plugin provides ranking of the popular blog authors. Results are depends on page viewing numbers. Getting data, it has options (year, month, day, post type) to filtering.

WP Author Ranking

8. World Cup Predictor

Users predict the score for each match in the group stage and knockout stage and are awarded points based on the accuracy of their prediction. Match results may also be displayed using this plugin. Show the widget WorldCupPredictions only to logged users. Option to adjust knockout table for the theme Twenty Fourteen. Fix the kickoff times for browsers’ timezone.

World Cup Predictor

9. WordPress Facebook Like Ranking

Making a ranking rated by the number of Facebook like. You can make and use a ranking rated by the number of Facebook like width this plugin. It’s good for visitors. Setting in detail. You can decide how often it will update the raning information and how many posts it will check when it updates the information. You can create rankings which have only specific category posts.

WordPress Facebook Like Ranking

10. TheRanking

Choose any of the rankings that we offer by category, or if you prefer, create your own ranking and then ask your users that vote. Choose any of the rankings that we offer by category, or if you prefer, create your own ranking and then ask your users that vote. In TheRanking.com we certify the voting process, so we track against Facebook, Twitter or username/password.