25 Captivating Packaging Design Examples

Innovative packaging can create an entirely new user experience. Packaging design of any product has the value of an eye candy. An effective packaging design can attract more customers and persuade them buy your products. Therefore, having a captivating and exceptional package design will make it a major competitive edge for producers and suppliers. You can visit 48 hour print for your packaging designs and other printing needs.

Every business aims to grab the attention of its target audience; and with the help of an eye catching packaging design it can be achieved quite easily. So creating a creative packaging design that can be reproduced for years is a real challenge, especially with many companies now wanting to create biodegradable or renewable packaging.

So today I’m showing you 25 amazing examples of package designs, where beauty and functionality are both equally important. Remember to click on the images to find out more about each package and their designers. The designs below show the direction in which many different industries are focusing their packaging design for years to come.

For more resources please see:

1. New Theo Chocolate Bar Designs

New Theo Chocolate Bar Designs

2. Student Work – Linn Gustafsson

Student Work – Linn Gustafsson

3. Atena


4. Mighty Nuts

Mighty Nuts

5. Minuky Concept

Minuky Concept

6. Respirer


7. Inside The Bakery by designojo

Inside The Bakery by designojo

8. Bunker Tea Concept

Bunker Tea Concept

11.  Gnome Bread Packaging

Gnome Bread Packaging

12. Dinner Time

Dinner Time

13. Gap G Cologne

Gap G Cologne

14. Gauss Lamps

Gauss Lamps

15. Student Work – Erin Dameron

Student Work – Erin Dameron

16. Fixa


17. Origami Tea Bags

Origami Tea Bags

18. Milk Packaging

Milk Packaging

19. Underpressure


20. The Moofia

The Moofia

21. Selfish Vitamin Drink Concept

Selfish Vitamin Drink Concept

22. Calvados Elysium Concept

Calvados Elysium Concept

23. Poilu


24. Possession – The Unholy Wine Collection

Possession – The Unholy Wine Collection

25. Vitaminwater Capsule

Vitaminwater Capsule

While compiling this list, it’s always a possibility that I missed some other great resources. Feel free to share it with us.

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