25 Inspirational Red Website Designs Examples

Now a days, website designs is the challenging task for designers. their is always one thing that comes in designers mind whenever they design websites, i.e. Red is the color of love and passion. Most people likes the color red because of its attractiveness and the symbol it often represents. For your inspiration, I have collected 25 wonderful red websites that make proper use of red color in web design.

These website’s have been beautifully designed and developed with the color red being the main focus. Got a red website you think should be included in this collection? Share it with our readers by leaving a comment on this post! You may want to take a look at the following related articles: magazine themed websites, pink websites and minimal websites.

1. Reveal Reel

Reveal Reel

2. JonwallaceDesign


3. Capricorn


4. Bowtie


5. Pizza Hut Australia

Pizza Hut Australia

6. Artworks by Dan Friml

Artworks by Dan Friml

7. Codebutton


8. Spilt


9. Never a Better Time

Never a Better Time

10. NHDist


11. Me and My AAA

Me and My AAA

12. Codesign Studios

Codesign Studios

13. Konil Music

Konil Music

14. The Crooked Vultures

The Crooked Vultures

15. Dark Crimson

Dark Crimson

16. England Seiten

England Seiten

17. Toki


18. Green Onion

Green Onion

19. The CP Diary

The CP Diary

20. Alex Flueras

Alex Flueras

21. Mc Millers Sweets Emporium

Mc Millers Sweets Emporium

22. Nuevo Aurich

Nuevo Aurich

23. Emeril’s


24. Carrot Media

Carrot Media

25. Dom Holmes Tattoo

Dom Holmes Tattoo

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