Start Developing Apps that Users will Love

In this new age of competitive programming, the defining qualities that make a successful programmer is a perfect mix of subject matter expertise and business savvy. Tons of apps are developed on a daily basis and believe me when I say that you would want a piece of that billion dollar pie.

It’s hard to imagine that a lot of the old world games reminiscent of the old Nintendo are making its way to the modern scene. One such game is bingo. Bingo is one of the most simplest games you can design and profit from. If you take hints from the popular site and business model, Foxybingo, you will see that a brilliant web design along with smooth navigation can produce effective and profitable results. Being popular as it is, the site was able to venture in other forms of marketing and merchandising that allowed it to become a well rounded business venture. The secret is making the game an essential part of the gamer’s arsenal. Once it has gathered an occult following, you can pretty much follow up with a sequel or immediately venture out into other forms of products that carry your initial product’s name. If you think about it, Angry Birds is not a new concept and is very similar to a DOS game back in the early 90’s called Gorillas. The object of the game might be different, but the concept is very much alike. In a lot of ways, the old Gorillas game is actually more difficult as you have to take into consideration the obstacles and the wind speed before you throw the banana at your opponent. The good thing about producing a refreshing take on classics like bingo is that your app is in no danger of being compared to previous games that have a similar take.

Of course, this shouldn’t hamper your creativity in developing new apps that are unique, these are just prime examples that show you only have to improve on an already existing concept in order to make it big.