14 Magnificent Video Gallery WordPress Free Plugins

Advancement in technology make rich media like video one of the essential content of a website. You will see video on almost every site nowadays. WordPress bloggers are hosting and showcasing their video and audio files on their blogs in as many ways as possible. It is possible due to the availability of many plugins for the WordPress.

Whether you just have to embed Vimeo or Youtube video on a page or post or need a more robust solution to meet your video goals, the best free WordPress video gallery plugins can definitely help you a lot. One more important thing all plugins described below can be had without spending money as they are free for download.

The following is the list of the best free WordPress video gallery plugins that can give you heads up and fulfill your needs. If you like our art collection, so check out these other posts will interest you too: Web Development Testing Tools, Free MP4 Widgets for WordPress, Aluminum Business Cards Designs and WordPress Flexslider Premium Themes.

1. Huzzaz Video Gallery

An awesome, easy to use YouTube and Vimeo video gallery powered by Huzzaz. One simple shortcode will help you win the Internet.

Huzzaz Video Gallery

2. Photo Gallery

Photo Gallery is an advanced plugin with a list of tools and options for adding and editing images for different views. It is fully responsive.

Photo Gallery

3. Rio Video Gallery

A powerful Video Gallery plugin that allows you to embed videos from YouTube, Vimeo and Daily motion through categories.

Rio Video Gallery

4. POWr Video Slider

POWr Video Slider is a mobile-responsive, fully-customizable plugin that you can edit right in the page. Add the widget to your site, or use the shortcode [powr-video-slider] to add Video Slider to any post.

POWr Video Slider

5. Srizon Responsive Youtube Album

This wordpress plugin fetches your or someone else’s video (uploads or favorites) from youtube channels and creates beautiful albums/galleries using the retrieved info.

Srizon Responsive Youtube Album

6. WordPress Video Plugin

This WordPress video player plugin allows you to manage unlimited videos on your blog using our domain branded video platform.

WordPress Video Plugin

7. HDW Player Plugin

HDW player (video player & video gallery) is an impressive FLV player for WordPress websites. This plugin is different and unique from other plugins available in WordPress.

HDW Player Plugin

8. Vimeography

Vimeography is a WordPress plugin that allows you to create beautiful, custom video galleries in 30 seconds, tops!


9. WordPress Video Tube Plugin

Video hosting plugin used to create wordpress based video sites quickly and easily. Upload videos from any site or integrate with bulk importers.

WordPress Video Tube Plugin

10. Kaltura All-in-One Video Plugin

This is not just another video embed tool – it includes every functionality you might need for video and rich-media, including the ability to upload/ record/import videos.

Kaltura All-in-One Video Plugin

11. Video Embed & Thumbnail Generator

Generates thumbnails, encodes HTML5-compliant videos, and embeds locally hosted videos. Requires FFMPEG or LIBAV for encoding.

Video Embed & Thumbnail Generator

12. Aviberry WordPress Video Conversion Plugin

The Aviberry WordPress Video Plugin software enables you to connect your WordPress panel with Aviberry Server Video Converter to convert videos for publishing on your blog.

Aviberry WordPress Video Conversion Plugin

13. Cool Video Gallery

Cool Video Gallery is a Video Gallery plugin for WordPress with option to upload videos, add Youtube videos and manage them in multiple galleries.

Cool Video Gallery

14. Video Gallery

Video gallery plugin which allows you to build video galleries from your youtube, vimeo and dailymotion videos.

Video Gallery