12 New Free WordPress Plugins for Advertise

Advertising is a key way to generate revenue on your WordPress website. If you run a content website, one of the best ways to quickly generate an income is via the use of display advertising – that is banners which you are paid per month, per click or via affiliate signups etc. The easiest way to save time, and therefore money, is by installing some ad management plugins into your WordPress blog.

In this post I have compiled a list of some useful free wordpress advertise plugins for your wordpress blogs. Great advertise plugins will help you to place your banners perfectly and to increase your earnings. Let’s check out this astounding collection which possibly make your website Ad friendly.

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1. Facebook Ads Tool

This plugin lets you create Ads on Facebook that drive new customers. Promote your posts and pages on Facebook directly from your WordPress admin.

Facebook Ads Tool

2. GC Message Bar

This customizable plugin gets you more conversion by placing a sticky message bar displaying your catchy message and a Call To Action button to the top or bottom of your website.

GC Message Bar

3. GC Message Box

GC Message Box is an easy to use plugin that allows you to highlight your key message in smart ways within articles and blog posts.

GC Message Box

4. Ad King Pro

Ad King Pro allows you to easily manage, track and report on your on-site advertising. Upload your banner/flash banner/adsense code/text, add the link its to go to then your ready to go.

Ad King Pro

5. Krux SMB

Increase traffic, engage users, and improve revenue with easy-to-install social tools that give you control of your audience data.

Krux SMB

6. ThemeBrowser

Show off the themes available for blogs in your WordPress MultiSite with a simple shortcode in any post or page.


7. embAd Ads

This plugin integrates your website with embAD. embAD is an awesome & simple service that helps website owners to embed ads into their website.

embAd Ads

8. In-Text Advertising

Easily Create Interactive ‘In-Text’ Multimedia Hover Ads and OR Articles using Videos, MP3 Audio, Images, Text or a combination!

In-Text Advertising

9. bbpress Simple Advert Units

Insert advert units in to your bbpress forum. You can use any sensible ad code you like assuming it fits into your forum’s theme. The plugin is particularly suited to showing Google Adsense units.

bbpress Simple Advert Units

10. AppAd Manager

Displays google adsense (or other ads) between posts in AppThemes Premium Themes.

AppAd Manager

11. youAPPi smartAPP

Enrich your content and earn money per click with the best personalized mobile application recommendations technology.

youAPPi smartAPP

12. Paulund Blog Stats

Adds shortcodes for important blog stats like pagerank, alexa, technorati, RSS subscriber count, google backlinks and more.

Paulund Blog Stats