A Showcase of Best jQuery Lightbox Plugins

Lightbox is a JavaScript technique used to display large images using modal dialogs but now we are in era of jQuery. jQuery lightbox plugins are used for presenting images, videos and html content in an elegant and very focused way. It’s an important and popular contribution from the jQuery side to the design community. There is a cool collection of plug-ins each giving a different look and style to images. Below you will find a useful selection of jQuery lightbox plugins. Please let us know in a comment if we missed some great resources!

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3. jQuery LightBox Plugin

jQuery LightBox Plugin

4. Ceebox


5. PrettyPhoto


6. jmFullWall


7. jQuery Photo Filter Lightbox Gallery Plugin

jQuery Photo Filter Lightbox Gallery Plugin

8. jQuery CSS3 Lightbox Gallery Plugin

jQuery CSS3 Lightbox Gallery Plugin

9. jQuery Lightbox Grooveshark Style

jQuery Lightbox Grooveshark Style

10. Slimbox 2

Slimbox 2

11. jQuery Lightbox Evolution

jQuery Lightbox Evolution

12. Lightbox 2

Lightbox 2

13. Lightbox JS

Lightbox JS

14. jQuery SuperBox

jQuery SuperBox

15. ColorBox


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