14 Brilliant Free WordPress jQuery Sliders

The increasing demand of well coded WordPress slider plugins is nowadays well-known by all users. jQuery Sliders are the new way of displaying your featured posts, products and galleries etc. There are hundreds of jQuery sliders on the internet, some of them with a huge backend, where you can change almost anything to configure the slider in a unique way.

In today’s post I have collected very amazing jquery WordPress plugins for your WordPress blogs. These free sliders are plenty on the web and it becomes a task for us to choose the best. Please credit the authors if you use them, just mention their name with the website link and spread love. If you’re into jQuery you must be also interested in this previous article:

1. Responsive Slider

The Responsive Slider plugin allows you to create slides that consist of linked (to any url) images and titles.

Responsive Slider

2. Soliloquy Lite Responsive Image Slider

Soliloquy is by far the best responsive WordPress image slider plugin on the market.

Soliloquy Lite Responsive Image Slider

3. Skitter Slideshow

Let your blog more elegant Skitter Slideshow! With numerous customization options, is one that will bode well for your theme.

Skitter Slideshow

4. Smoothness Slider Shortcode

Smoothness Slider Shortcode is a WordPress Plugin for creating dynamic slider for posts and pages.

Smoothness Slider Shortcode

5. Captain Slider

Probably the Best Free jQuery Slider/Slideshow Plugin for WordPress. Responsive, Settings & Multiple Sliders!

Captain Slider

6. M-vSlider

Implementing a featured image gallery into your WordPress theme has never been easier! Showcase your portfolio, animate your header or manage your banners with M-vSlider.


7. Slidorion

Slidorion is a fantastic plugin that combines an image slider and an accordion to provide a platform that allows you to present information in a beautiful manner.


8. WP AD Gallery

WP AD Gallery jQuery plugin for WordPress. Easy add gallery slideshow without code. Add shortcode using WP AD Gallery shortcode button on post editor.

WP AD Gallery

9. WordPress Sliding Drawer Plugin

The WordPress Sliding Drawer Content Area plugin greatly increases the screen real estate of your wordpress site.

WordPress Sliding Drawer Plugin

10. WP Orbit Slider

WP Orbit Slider is based around the jQuery Orbit Slider from the excellent team Zurb. It uses a custom post type for each slide and taxonomies to create slider groups.

WP Orbit Slider

11. Promotion Slider

Promotion slider is a jQuery slider that makes it easy to insert a simple slideshow, or implement multiple rotating ad zones, on a webpage.

Promotion Slider

12. Dynamic Content Gallery

This plugin creates a dynamic gallery of images for latest and/or featured content using either the JonDesign SmoothGallery script for mootools, or a custom jQuery script.

Dynamic Content Gallery

13. GRAND FlAGallery

GRAND Flash Album Gallery – powerful flash & jQuery media content plugin. It provides a comprehensive interface for handling image galleries, audio and video.

GRAND FlAGallery

14. Slideshow Gallery

Feature content in beautiful and fast JavaScript powered slideshow gallery showcases on your WordPress website.

Slideshow Gallery

While compiling this list, it’s always a possibility that I missed some other great resources. Feel free to share it with us.