3 Fundamentals of Great WordPress Web Design

If you use WordPress and want to spice up your website’s appearance then you could either find a new theme to install, create your very own web design, or even tweak your existing design. Regardless of which option you choose to pursue, there are four fundamentals that you should think about when dealing with WordPress web design.

Cater to the audience

Different audiences in different niches tend to have different preferences when it comes to visual aesthetics – and ideally your web design should cater to the audience that you’re dealing with. Looking for inspiration from other websites in your niche might be a good place to start.

Don’t ‘crowd’ the screen real estate

Crowded websites tend to perform poorly as there are too many elements on screen to guide the audience. Ideally you should think of your website as a ‘funnel’ with a fixed goal in mind that you’re channeling your audience towards.

Make the design responsive

Responsive design refers to the ability of a design to cope with screens of various sizes – which is important considering the popularity of mobile devices nowadays. Considering these devices come in a vast variety of different screen sizes, having a website that can cater and adapt to them is crucial.

Make no mistake, learning the dos and don’ts of great WordPress web design can be tricky but there are ample resources available online to help you out. One that you should definitely tap are the numerous WordPress design video tutorials and guides.

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