Best Plugins For Your New Blog

People can leave a website quite easily. If it does not have the function that they expect, they will likely just move onto a website that does. Even if there is a lot of good content and information in an article, most people are going to weigh the value of the information against the stress of dealing with a website that performs and functions poorly, and often will opt to leave the website. That is why many website owners choose web hosting that has a lot of great plugins. Web hosting that features a host of plugins will improve your SEO score by keeping people on your website and even directing them to other articles. There are several great plugins for you to use for you website.


Jetpack has a large catalog of capabilities and functions. Users are able to keep track of all of their traffic just by accessing the plugin. It shows how many visitors have come to your website and where they came from. It will even give you a counter for each of your blog posts. Further, the social media sharing platform is optimal. It is very easy to share content using Jetpack.

SEO by Yoast

Anybody who has been a blogger for more than five consecutive moments knows about the importance of SEO. You need to remain updated about how to interact with Google, Bing and Yahoo. As you are composing your articles, you should know what you can do to improve their SEO score. That is what SEO by Yoast provides. It will tell you what you need to improve about an article so that it will have a better SEO score. It provides a list of SEO requirements and shows how well you have met those requirements, and even provides an overall SEO score for that particular article.

Gravity Forms

Sometimes people will come to your website, read an article and want to contact you directly. If you are an entrepreneur, customer service should be very important to you. You should want to help them to receive answers to their questions. Many people often just need a brief interaction so that they can make an informed decision about your product or service. Similarly, if you are just a blogger who is not selling anything, you still want to interact with people properly so that you can maintain a strong fan base. A good contact form is a necessary feature for any blogger. Gravity forms is highly functional and can help you to interact with your audience.


Sometimes things can happen to your website. It can be difficult to predict everything that might happen in the future and prepare all of the possible contingencies. Many people find that the content of their website has been erased and there is nothing that they can do to restore it. That is why it is so important to have a good service that will backup all of your content. However, many people have valid complaints about the backup plugins that are available. That is why VaultPress has become such a popular option. It is highly functional and will protect you from losing all of your content (which can be one of the most stressful things that a blogger has to endure).


Sometimes an individual may get to a point wherein they need to leave their previous hosting platform behind and move onto something that is more functional and has more capabilities. While that may be the best move for a particular website, it can be stressful. You need a good plugin that will make that process much easier. That is why Migrate is in place. It is designed to help website owners migrate their blog from one hosting platform to another.

Force Strong Passwords

Spammers are often experts at traversing the security protocols of a particular hosting platform. That is why website platforms such as WordPress have to update so often. Hackers learn how to maneuver through the security field, and WordPress has to remain one step ahead of them. Hackers can also breach your website if your users have passwords that are very easy to guess. Depending on the level of access that this user has, this can be devastating to your website. They could publish offensive or obscene or spammy content, and ruin your reputation and shatter your brand with one fell swoop. If you want to avoid that, then just require that all of your users have strong passwords. That is what this plugin will do for you.


There is more that you can do to create secure logins beyond merely creating difficult passwords. Plugins such as Clef will add an additional step so that you will not have to worry that a robot or a hacker can access your website. Your users will have secure accounts and your website will be out of the reach of potential hackers. Clef is a necessary app for anybody who cares about the security of their blog.


Your website’s appearance is one of the most important aspects of the site. Some argue that it is just as important as the content. If your layout is sloppy and difficult to navigate, then many people are not going to want to do business with you or read through your website because they will think that you are not professional. The layout of your website represents you and represents your brand. If your layout displays an aura of professionalism, that is what your audience is going to think of you and your content. If it is sloppy and just awkwardly pieced together, many people will be deterred from your website and will prefer to go to another resource for their content.

Managing a blog comes with a lot of factors to consider. If you are a blogger, you need to know what plugins to use to optimize your website.